A Rebel without a Clue (singtomeloudly) wrote in adie_love_club,
A Rebel without a Clue

New member

Hello everyone I joined adie_love_club a little while ago cause I am a huge Adie fan but I forgot to introduce my self:D My name is fay and I am sixteen years old. I live in New jersey and am a huge Green Day fan. My most recent concert was September 1st at Giants Stadium with my best friend Heidi :D I am a huge Adie fan... I think she is amazing and gorgeous and I love them both so much. They are the most amazing couple ever :D I also joined because members in my community billieandadie told me about this place and since I love adie joining was a nessesary thing <3 Well i am really glad to be hear hope to make some new friends<33


Heidi and I on september 1st :D

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