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Hey, I'm posting here kinda for two reasons, one to introduce myself and two, to share a bit of humility around here...

1) Hey, I'm Billie, I'm 18 and I live in England. I've been lurking around for a while but you know... I need not say why I'm here, I mean just look at the community name...

2) Humility well... There's some girl, she IM'd me, slash bashing... Apparently she personally knows Billie Joe and Adie... Anyway, she went off saying how much its gross and all and how Adie freaked out and shit, which I do NOT believe.
I've had THREE people like this. All claiming that they know Adie and all. This particular girl said Adie was gonna get online, and the ignorant fool I am decided to wait and see if Adie would get online...
Of course she didn't....

I'm gonna put the rest of this under an LJ cut and the convo so you can see for yourselves...

It was very amusing to say the least...

I'm Pretty000Vacant by the way...

Pretty000Vacant: hey
x You Nimrod: hi
Pretty000Vacant: So, you dont like slash... Well I hear anyway
x You Nimrod: nope.
Pretty000Vacant: Why?#
x You Nimrod: once again, because i know all of green day and adie personally, and i know its fan fiction but its freaking sick.
Pretty000Vacant: Oh well
Pretty000Vacant: but really isnt that what they signed up for?
x You Nimrod: what do you mean
Pretty000Vacant: I mean, becoming famous, you're bound to have fangirls
x You Nimrod: they signed up for crazed fans to write sick stories about them?
x You Nimrod: they dont sign up to be famous
Pretty000Vacant: its not sick
Pretty000Vacant: I'm not saying that
x You Nimrod: tre and billie 'togather' isnt sick?
Pretty000Vacant: When they became famous they signed up for that
Pretty000Vacant: no
x You Nimrod: bj and tre having sex isnt sick?
Pretty000Vacant: not really
x You Nimrod: your sick then
Pretty000Vacant: ok
Pretty000Vacant: Do sound sick exempt sex?
x You Nimrod: god they would never do shit like that
x You Nimrod: what?
Pretty000Vacant: Do I sound sick if you take away the Green Day sex part?
x You Nimrod: idk
Pretty000Vacant: lol, well
Pretty000Vacant: Its not sick
Pretty000Vacant: its an expression
Pretty000Vacant: How do you get your creativity out?
x You Nimrod: ok
x You Nimrod: but when i told adie about it, she was pretty freaked out.
Pretty000Vacant: Somehow I doubt it
x You Nimrod: why wouldnt she be
Pretty000Vacant: Look have you ever read a slash story
x You Nimrod: yea i read all 13 chapters of complicated
x You Nimrod: and i was freaked out.
Pretty000Vacant: lol
Pretty000Vacant: Have you read any of mine?
x You Nimrod: i mean ur fucking talking about my uncle there
x You Nimrod: no
Pretty000Vacant: lol
Pretty000Vacant: this gets better and better
x You Nimrod: just that cougar chicks
x You Nimrod: what do you mean
Pretty000Vacant: I mean, my fics.......
x You Nimrod: o
Pretty000Vacant: my fics..... Well, I give you fluff
x You Nimrod: fluff?
Pretty000Vacant: just a sec
x You Nimrod: ok
Pretty000Vacant: let me find a tame one of mine
x You Nimrod: ok
Pretty000Vacant: read
x You Nimrod: its cute, but its just so weird that ppl write about my uncle hooking up with one of his best friends
Pretty000Vacant: I can understand that
Pretty000Vacant: but you have to see that most stuff is like that
x You Nimrod: yes
x You Nimrod: but its just weird
x You Nimrod: i have known mike for like 11 years
Pretty000Vacant: oh
x You Nimrod: more than half my life
x You Nimrod: (im 16)
Pretty000Vacant: I can accept that BUT
Pretty000Vacant: you have to allow it
Pretty000Vacant: because its still gonna happen
x You Nimrod: well i cant stop it
Pretty000Vacant: You cant
Pretty000Vacant: Are you a girl or boy?
x You Nimrod: im a girl
Pretty000Vacant: ok
x You Nimrod: i know that
x You Nimrod: billie thinks its gay
x You Nimrod: all this shit
x You Nimrod: i just laugh at it
Pretty000Vacant: I cant help what he thinks
x You Nimrod: i understand that
Pretty000Vacant: I can only do what I write
x You Nimrod: i know
Pretty000Vacant: I respect Billie Joe with every ounce that I have
Pretty000Vacant: And the guys but
x You Nimrod: but?
Pretty000Vacant: You have people that take advantage of them and manipulate their characters
Pretty000Vacant: You have to be able to tell those people to go get in the line to fuck Usher and find the people who appreciate Green Day for their music not their looks
x You Nimrod: Yea
Pretty000Vacant: Look, I'd still do this, even if you were Billie, Mike or Tre
x You Nimrod: i know that
Pretty000Vacant: I just need you to accept this
Pretty000Vacant: Because if you insult any of my friends, help me god
x You Nimrod: I have no choice but to do that
x You Nimrod: what are you going to do
Pretty000Vacant: I cant do anything
x You Nimrod: so help you god what
Pretty000Vacant: Well, physically
Pretty000Vacant: anyway
Pretty000Vacant: You have NO right, insulting someone because of what they do
x You Nimrod: Accually, i do
Pretty000Vacant: No
Pretty000Vacant: you dont
x You Nimrod: Your screwing with my family hun
x You Nimrod: i have every right to bitch at you
Pretty000Vacant: Billie wrote songs about people wanting to be accepted right?
Pretty000Vacant: **writes/wrote
x You Nimrod: Yes.
Pretty000Vacant: obviously none of it rubbed off on you
x You Nimrod: it did. Im around him alot. I fucking grew up around him, but what u guys do is just creepy
Pretty000Vacant: lol
Pretty000Vacant: have you read any fic apart from slash?
x You Nimrod: no
x You Nimrod: i stay away from that stuff
Pretty000Vacant: So if you read that it'd be creepy right?
x You Nimrod: creepy for me, yes
x You Nimrod: creepy for fans, probably not
x You Nimrod: im reading one of your stories
Pretty000Vacant: oh?
Pretty000Vacant: which one?
x You Nimrod: hold on when im done ill send u the link
x You Nimrod: its ...diffrent...o.O
Pretty000Vacant: lol
Pretty000Vacant: I am, thats why people like me
Pretty000Vacant: I dont stick to one pairing and shit
x You Nimrod: no...this is the weird kind of diffrent.
x You Nimrod:
Pretty000Vacant: oh
Pretty000Vacant: you found HornyMuffins
x You Nimrod: yeah.
Pretty000Vacant: lol
Pretty000Vacant: I'll send you over some decent stuff I've done
x You Nimrod: ill go later i really dont have time
x You Nimrod: its freaking crazy right now wherre im at.
x You Nimrod: every1 is sickk
x You Nimrod: except me
Pretty000Vacant: oh?
Pretty000Vacant: Lets just say this
x You Nimrod: yeah joey got sick then gave it to adie and jakob
Pretty000Vacant: I am not a pervert or a slut
x You Nimrod: i know that
Pretty000Vacant: I write rape fics
x You Nimrod: im hoping i dont get isick
x You Nimrod: sick*
x You Nimrod: ok
Pretty000Vacant: yea, but thats theraputic for me
x You Nimrod: ok then
Pretty000Vacant: we write it cos we can
x You Nimrod: i know
Pretty000Vacant: We intend to annoy or hurt people
x You Nimrod: you do?
Pretty000Vacant: **dont
x You Nimrod: thats pretty fucked up.
x You Nimrod: oh
Pretty000Vacant: Soory
Pretty000Vacant: **sorry
Pretty000Vacant: typo
x You Nimrod: hey brb i gotta go get adie something
x You Nimrod: >.<
x You Nimrod: lol
x You Nimrod: brb
Pretty000Vacant: ok
x You Nimrod is away at 22:47:38.
x You Nimrod returned at 22:48:04.
x You Nimrod: k back sorry
x You Nimrod: god aim is so gay
Pretty000Vacant: yea
x You Nimrod: i hate it...i dont even have a sn
x You Nimrod: this is my best friends
x You Nimrod: lol
Pretty000Vacant: oh?
x You Nimrod: im never on her screen name
x You Nimrod: she lives in oklahoma
Pretty000Vacant: oh
x You Nimrod: yeah..
Pretty000Vacant: confusing
Pretty000Vacant: Anyway
x You Nimrod: she lives on the same street that bjs mom lives on
Pretty000Vacant: Have we got the hatey slashy thing out of the way?
x You Nimrod: sure
Pretty000Vacant: OK
x You Nimrod: shit i gotta go
x You Nimrod: ill talk to you later i guess
Pretty000Vacant: ok
x You Nimrod: adie wants on
x You Nimrod: bye
Pretty000Vacant: bye
x You Nimrod signed off at 22:49:50.

There, wasnt that fun?!

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