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Billie <3 Adie

the Adie Love Club

the Adie Love Club
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This...this is the Adie Love Club. Yes thats right, a fan club for the one and only Adrienne Armstrong, wife of the sexiest man alive, also known as Billie Joe.

Maybe you think Adrienne's hot ( I do, and yes, I am a girl), maybe you have a secret crush on her, or maybe your just sick of all the Billie teenies bad-mouthing her (I know I am). If you fit one or more of this requirements, then, this would probably be a cool community to join.

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-NO ADIE BASHING! No saying she and Billie Joe are not meant for each other, should get divorced, she's ugly, etc. Do this and you will be banned from the community!
-Please, stay on topic of Adrienne or Billie/Green Day.
-Do not be rude to other members
-Have fun!

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-Credit to fucker_ducker for the kick-ass layout
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